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DR Gun Supply Testimonials

*** I would like to give my appreciation to Joel Nelson for making my recent  purchase of the Cimarron Holy Smoker possible. Joel  went above and beyond To assure that I was well informed of the purchase progress. He took time out of his busy schedule to keep me up-to-date.   He is a man of high integrity. Integrity  is a quality that makes for a successful individual and the company that he represents.  Many Thanks to Joel and DR Gun Supply ***Thank you Daniel, me scope arrived at about 11:30 this morning. i will guarantee I will purchase from you in the future. You taking the time and care to get to the scope to me by today was very much appreciated. I will return the favor. I am sharing this story with all my hunting buddies. I s...  Read More

Afghan Arms Caches by Brandon Maddox August 24, 2021

The US government left behind millions of firearms in Afghanistan that they deem far too dangerous for their own civilians to possess. The people need to stand united and make their voices heard that further regulation of the US arms industry is hypocritical at best given what has just happened in Afghanistan Everything from helicopters and armored vehicles to missiles and M4 rifles were left behind in Afghanistan when the US pulled out of the country. Hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment that was initially intended to combat the Taliban are now being snagged faster and easier than a kid in a candy shop with free reign and no parents in sight. Now, the likelihood of the Taliban having many (if any) qualified helicopter pilots i...  Read More

Ammo shortage. Russian import ban. (Cited from SG AMMO)

My Russian Ammo Sanction Opinion - First, I hope you don't 'shoot the messenger' and I'd like to pat everyone on the back and tell them things are going to be okay but that wouldn't be truthful. In my opinion the sanctions are a major game-changer in the ammunition supply chain that is already strained. For the time being and based on what we can see so far, we believe that this will be the effective end of Russian made ammo in the USA as it plays out over the next year or so as import permits expire or are filled to the quantity limits, and in doing so eliminate supply of a huge portion of the ammo in the US commercial market. From what I understand, the USA commercial market consumes around 800,000,000 rounds of ammunition from Russi...  Read More

Now offering a local pickup option.

Hello, we are now offering a curbside pickup option for local customers while we renovate our new space. Simply pick the curbside pickup option when checking out. Don't hesitate to call or email with any questions. Thank you, Daniel Ray Owner DR Gun Supply  Read More